Saturday, January 26, 2013


The weather here in the valley of the sun is normally very nice this time of year. Because of this, it is normally very difficult to think about doing "indoor" tasks. However, this photo was taken this morning:

We have really needed the rain. Last year, I am fairly sure we got less than half our normal amount, and the year before was pretty much the same.

As of 3:15p this afternoon, WeatherBug reports that the Phoenix airport has received 1.12 inches of rain and the Scottsdale airport which is a little closer to home has received 1.25 inches. That would be about double the normal amount of rainfall for this point in the year. Hopefully that makes the concept of taking ourselves and the birds for a wildflower tour in the high country in February or March as we did in 2010 more compelling.

That has also created the situation where indoor tasks have come to the forefront, like posting this image here.

Think different.