Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Evidence that Cindy is an amazing artist

My wife, Cindy, is an artist. She works in a number of media, though most commonly acrylic paints or colored pencil. She has a distinctive style that she calls "humorous surrealism". In most cases, it is very colorful. Her online portfolio can be found here.

During a break yesterday, I found this:

"She Could Be Anyone of Us" by Cindy Schnackel© Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved. Please do not pin this or any of her work to Pinterest.
"She Could Be Anyone of Us" by Cindy Schnackel
 © Cindy Schnackel, all rights reserved. Please do not pin this or any of her work to Pinterest.

The medium is an online drawing tool called "Scribbler Too", that she used for some other things. It was done in response to a Breast Cancer Awareness challenge by a group called Scribblermania on the reprint on demand art site RedBubble.

This is not a typical thought process for her. Reading her description, though, she has captured something totally different. 

"This ... is very outside what I normally do. For the challenge, I imagined how terrifying it’d be to stand in front of a mirror and find a lump, or have that first look after a mastectomy. I purposely left the woman’s face featureless. She could be anyone of us. (Even men get breast cancer.)"

- Cindy Schnackel 

This is another instance where I am blown away.

Simply amazing...

Think different...


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  1. AW, thank you so much! I'm blown away by this post!