Thursday, August 23, 2012

Something I liked, and decided I really should share...

I have a general appreciation for clever. People who know me well would probably say I like clever a little too much.  I saw something not too long ago that I just felt warranted mention. It was clever and made me smile...

T-Mobile had three young people, ladies it appeared (it came and went quickly enough that I can't be absolutely certain), riding bicycles in close formation down the bicycle lane on Centennial Way (yes, West Washington Street) in downtown Phoenix. Each bicycle was towing a small two wheel trailer holding a well secured approximately 6 foot tall and 2 foot wide advertisement for T-Mobile and one of their latest phones.

It was June, this is Phoenix, and it was probably at least 100 degrees.  I will say, though, that it was definitely nowhere near as horrible as that might sound for the people riding the bicycles.

I didn't get a picture.  I wish I would have.  Once I had decided there was a potential post that I should take a picture for, they were far enough away to not be a good picture. Even with the quick picture feature in iOS 5, on my iPhone 3GS, it is quite slow to get the camera ready.  This was a situation where evaluation, appreciation and application occurred slower than the actual event.

Still, this was well designed, well executed, eco-friendly, good exercise, and clever. Clever enough to get me to switch to T-Mobile? Well, no.  I have too much invested in my iStuff, and remain sufficiently satisfied with my current provider not to change.  T-Mobile does deserve credit and mention for thinking differently, though...

Think different.


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