Friday, August 10, 2012

Wow... I mean... uh... WOW!...

In the interest of getting out of the habit of posting novellas, this one WILL be short...

I don't know how truly legible the pictures on my last post are. To some degree, I intended for it not to be. I wanted to convey that I have a ton of ideas for these blogs, without giving away too many of my secrets. And for the intellectual property curmudgeons out there, I have no intent to plagiarize content, commentary based on my own views and experiences IS my intent.

That disclaimer stated, if you are actually able to read it from my pictures, a large number of my links are annotated "Code Project" followed by a date... That indicates that the article in question was brought to my attention by the Code Project Insider Daily Developer News newsletter. As my profile states, I am a professional software developer, and I work nearly exclusively on Microsoft platforms. For me, the Code Project is my number one tool outside of the explicit Microsoft umbrella for when I am having difficulty. Chris Maunder, David Cunningham, and their team deserve all the commendations I can give them.  It is an excellent resource.

Uh oh! Becoming another novella. Better make my point.

Despite having an outstanding repository of community contributed materials for Microsoft-based development, The Code Project is not strictly Microsoft-based. Far from it. Thus, some days (maybe half the time), the Daily Developer News contains nothing of special interest to me. As a result of today's edition, however, my list grew by five items. This is out of twelve non-sponsored links! None of them are even Microsoft-centric. While probably four out of the five are items that could help me do my job better, could possibly be incorporated into my work and that may or may not end up as something that is explicitly referential here (i.e. a useable general thought process, not code per se), one item has me completely floored, and WILL be a significant (and referenced) part of a future post either here or on my software blog. I certainly could tell you which one, and to some degree why, but that would be premature. Besides, I want you to have another reason to want to come back... :)

Guess I have to give some context since these are early posts, but I have to ask... Better?

In the end, though, just thought I should share...

Think different.


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